21 April 2011

Maria Fowler Breast oops :)

Former England side 9-girl and current reality participating in the TV series' The Only Way Is Essex' has in her career been accustomed to act more or less undressed in various situations.
So I guess that was a clue voluntariness of the situation, as she embarks on a holiday in Marbella in Spain had to correct some of her bikini top and thus came to reveal a good portion of its operating plastic breasts.
During the holidays in Spain  he beautiful Mary was wearing a green striped bikini, and she tried desperately to get just a little color on her winter white British body.

Reality TV show 'The Only Way Is Essex' follows a group of young and wealthy English people who lives in a suburb of London. TV series compared to the U.S. of the same kind is 'Jersey Shore' and 'The Hills'.

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